Brand New From Kundalini Awakening

The New Meditation Technique From An Enlightened Guru In India That Creates A Direct Connection To God Without Taking Years To Master

Clears blockages from the chakras, relieves emotional pain and suffering, safely awakens kundalini and triggers spontaneous enlightenment

Ashdin Doctor, Founder of Kundalini Awakening

By: Ashdin Doctor
Founder of Kundalini Awakening
April 17, 2024

Not long ago, two people started a daily meditation practice.

Both wanted a profound spiritual awakening.

The first lady, Susan, tried to meditate for 30-minutes per day. But unfortunately, she couldn’t last 5 minutes.

Susan couldn’t relax. As soon as she sat down and tried to meditate, her thoughts began to race.

No matter how hard she tried, Susan couldn’t silence her mind.

Eventually, meditation for Susan became so frustrating that it gave her stress and anxiety — instead of relieving it.

Sadly, Susan’s Attempt To Meditate Daily Became A Disappointing Failure.

The second guy, Caleb, also tried to start a 30-minute daily routine.

In Caleb’s case, he WAS able to meditate for 30 minutes. In fact, Caleb’s daily meditation practice grew quickly. Soon, he was doing 60 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes again in the evening.

Before long, Caleb’s stress and anxiety levels DISAPPEARED. They were replaced instead with a feeling of DEEP RELAXATION.

When Caleb sat down to meditate, he didn’t just enjoy relief from his troubles and problems. Caleb experienced a profound SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT in his life.

His kundalini was activated. He awakened to the truth of WHO and WHAT he was. Plus, his heart became filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE.

In fact, within just a few months, Caleb’s wife (Natasha) said her husband was, “90% a HAPPIER, more JOYFUL and SPIRITUAL person.”   

What made the difference?

The Missing Link That Makes Meditating Profound

It’s sad, but true.

Most people who attempt to meditate cannot switch off the racing thoughts in their mind.

And so, they find it impossible to…

  • Sit still and experience profound silence.
  • Enjoy deep inner-peace and serenity.
  • Clear energy blockages from the chakras.
  • Get lasting freedom from emotional suffering.
  • Receive divine guidance and direction in life.
  • Safely raise kundalini up the spine.
  • Achieve spontaneous enlightenment.

As a result, they get disappointed, frustrated… and eventually… they give up.

The truth is, for meditation to be profound, you must “switch off” the endless chatter in your mind. But that’s where the problem begins. Because making the mind quiet is EXTRAORDINARILY DIFFICULT.

And so, for most people, meditation is a waste of time… and sadly… enlightenment is completely impossible.

Why Do So Many People Struggle To Silence Their Mind?

The answer is simple.

As we go through life, we collect hurt and pain in the form of…

  • Childhood trauma
  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Death and loss of loved ones
  • Injury and disability
  • Tragedy
  • Etc.

These experiences have a deep-rooted impact on us.

In fact, the harm caused by these issues gets trapped inside us. How? As energy blockages in the seven chakra centers in our energy body.

If these blockages are not cleared, they cause our mind to become busy with thoughts. And not just any thoughts — toxic thoughts! Thoughts that cause fear, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, loneliness, etc.

These thoughts and emotions SABOTAGE our ability to become enlightened. Unfortunately, they cause endless mental, emotional, and physical suffering in our lives.

What Is Kundalini And Why Is It So Important?

Kundalini is a divine energy that every person is born with.

It is located in the base of our spine and lays dormant throughout our life… until awakened. In Christianity, kundalini is referred to as The Holy Spirit.

Once awakened inside us, kundalini rises up our spine. It then opens up our chakras and clears out any and all energy blockages… on its path to the Crown chakra (i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven).

As it clears out these blockages, our suffering disappears… and… our mind becomes still and beautifully silent.

Once kundalini reaches our Crown chakra, it directly connects us to God.

Once this connection is made…

  • All our problems in life disappear.
  • Our hearts become filled with love, joy and ecstatic happiness.
  • All our financial, material and emotional needs are taken care of.
  • We are relieved of all stresses and worries.
  • And our entire life is transformed in the most miraculous ways.

This is why kundalini awakening is so IMPORTANT…

It clears out blockages in our chakras. It frees us from suffering. It gives us our connection to God. And it gives us our enlightenment.

Why Most Ways To Awaken Kundalini Don’t Work

There are three primary ways to awaken kundalini.

Either by…

  1. Mastering the mind (traditional meditation)
  2. Mastering the body (yoga postures)
  3. Mastering the breathe (breathing techniques)

The problem for most people is, these methods can take decades to master. Even then, kundalini awakening may not happen.

The reason for that is simple.

These strategies focus on creating the correct “environment” inside a person for kundalini to awaken.

But they do not focus directly on awakening the kundalini itself.

And so, millions of people spend decades (some their entire lives) trying to create the right environment for their kundalini to awaken… but… it never does. 

How disappointing.

The good news is: there now exists a remarkable new meditation technique. A technique that directly focuses on awakening kundalini and triggering a profound spiritual enlightenment in those who use it.

This technique is unique and it’s unlike anything else in the world today. It was created by a kundalini awakened, fully enlightened Guru, in Mumbai, India, called VillyMa.

And guess what?

It does not take years or decades to master.

Introducing The Satya Meditation Technique: An Extraordinary New Way To Awaken Kundalini And Connect With God.

The word “Satya” is a Sanskrit word that means “truth.”

As in, the ultimate truth about who and what you are… what God is… and your place and purpose in this life.

Essentially, Satya meditation is for people who want the surest and most direct path to kundalini awakening and spiritual enlightenment.

The way the technique works is incredible.

Instead of trying to silence the mind, dominate the body, and master the breathe to create the right environment for kundalini to awaken… the Satya Technique works in reverse.

It awakens kundalini first.

It then raises kundalini from our root to our crown chakra, opening and clearing all blockages in each chakra, along the way.

This puts a permanent end to our emotional suffering. Plus it causes our mind to become silent without effort. This is why so many Satya meditators enjoy such astonishing results so quickly.

What often takes a lifetime of practice with other spiritual practices and methods, takes a significantly shorter time with the Satya Technique.

With The Satya Meditation Technique You Can Awaken Kundalini And Directly Connect With God

The Satya Meditation Technique is a proven method. It has worked for THOUSANDS of meditators.

The technique combines a variety of spiritual practices to achieve absolute transformation for the meditator.

The Satya Meditation Technique works fast to…

  • Silence the mind…
  • Heal trauma…
  • Improve physical health…
  • Strengthen the immune system…
  • Relieve emotional suffering…
  • Clear blocked chakras…
  • Raise kundalini up the spine…
  • Trigger spontaneous enlightenment…
  • And more!

Before long, users of the Satya Meditation Technique report…

  • Lasting relief from stress and anxiety…
  • Addictions suddenly disappear…
  • Unhealthy eating habits vanish…
  • Negative thinking stops…
  • Feelings of depression and sadness go away…
  • Financial problems improve…
  • Relationships heal…
  • Optimism and positivity return…
  • Feelings of love and gratitude fill the heart and mind…
  • Joy, laughter and happiness start to flourish…
  • Miracles begin to happen…
  • And more!

Get Your Hands On The Satya Meditation Technique Today And Discover…

  • How To Meditate With Ease for long periods of time so you enjoy  profound improvements in your mental health and happiness
  • The Ultimate Mantra For Silencing The Mind so you can finally get miraculous benefits from meditation
  • How To Dissolve Blockages In Your Chakras (Step-By-Step) to quickly (and permanently) end emotional pain and suffering
  • The Modern Technique For Enlightenment that triggers spontaneous spiritual awakening
  • The “Bandhan” Technique that protects you and your loved ones from bad energy and physical danger
  • How To Safely Awaken Kundalini and enjoy feelings of bliss, peace, connectedness and unconditional love
  • The Exact Daily Routine Needed to get rid of addictive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)
  • Plus, much more!

Why Waste Time Trying To Silence Your Mind When You Can Just Go Straight To God?

Each month, MILLIONS of people attempt to meditate to relieve stress, anxiety and emotional suffering.

THOUSANDS more turn to meditation to grow spiritually, experience kundalini awakening and ENLIGHTENMENT.

Sadly, almost ALL fail.


Because most forms of meditation take YEARS OF PRACTICE to switch off the mind and create a profound inner transformation.

If your mind is too active; if your thoughts race when you sit down to meditate; if you get easily distracted… then… it’s almost impossible to get the benefits from meditation.   

That’s why VillyMa has documented everything you need to succeed with this technique into the Satya Meditation Technique Video Training.

In the past, this technique was only taught by VillyMa to her disciples in private one-to-one settings — in Mumbai, India, where she lives.

But now, in an effort to spread this technique worldwide and also raise donations for her charity, VillyMa has decided to make the Satya Meditation Technique available to the general public.

Why $11.11? Why Such An Unusual Price?

We chose this unique price for two reasons…

  • Reason #1: VillyMa wants to get the Satya Meditation Technique into the hands of as many people as possible. Therefore, we priced the video training so low that almost everybody can afford it.
  • Reason #2: The number “1111” has tremendous spiritual meaning. In the Bible, in astrology, in numerology, it represents “new beginnings” and “spiritual awakening”.

You see, we believe it’s not a coincidence you’re reading this page right now. We believe it’s your destiny to receive the Satya Meditation Technique today… and begin your journey to freedom.

Therefore, we thought it would be especially appropriate to make this video training available for $11.11 — to celebrate a new beginning of spiritual awakening for you.

To gain instant access to the Satya Meditation Technique video training, click the button below right now.

Backed By our Unconditional
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All Profits Go To Charity

That’s right.

The Light of Light Trust (LOLT) is a non-profit organization.

It’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in rural communities throughout India.

The LOLT was founded by VillyMa in 2005.

Since then, 93 centers have been established. Over 1,497 villages have been reached. Plus, more than 398,329 lives have been transformed.

The LOLT has won global awards for its work including the NGO Leadership & Excellence Award by the World Federation of CSR Professionals.

When you sign up for the Satya Meditation Technique video training now, all profits go to the Light of Light Trust.

This means your investment of just $11.11 today will be used to feed, clothe, and educate under-privileged women and children in impoverished villages throughout India.

Click below to transform your life… and the lives of others… right now…

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The Satya Meditation Technique has transformed the lives of thousands of meditators already.

So when you order the video training now, not only will you get instant access… but… your purchase comes with a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee. 

The Satya Meditation Technique must live up to your expectations. If not (which is highly unlikely) simply contact us anytime within the next 60 days and we’ll issue you a full, and prompt, refund.

No questions asked.

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When you do, you’ll be taken to a page with a video that explains how to gain instant access to your training.

This entire technique is shared in just 3 short videos.

Plus, they’re pleasant to watch.

There’s no fluff. No filler. No complicated concepts to learn. Just a fast simple strategy for meditation that works to safely awaken kundalini.

The technique you’ll discover can be used in your life immediately. This means you can see improvements in your mental health, happiness and spiritual growth starting today. 

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About VillyMa

VillyMa is an Enlightened spiritual Guru from Mumbai, India. Many of her disciples consider her Love Incarnate.

VillyMa has been in direct communication with our Creator since childhood.

It’s from the Creator that VillyMa was given Satya Meditation. It’s a modern technique designed to bring about freedom from suffering. Plus, Self Realization and Enlightenment in those who use it.

VillyMa has also been a guest speaker at Google Tech and Nokia Headquarters in Dubai. She has also lectured at the University of Connecticut in America.

She is also the founder of the Light of Light Trust. LOLT feeds, clothes, and educates hundreds of thousands of under-privileged women and children throughout India each year.

Backed By our Unconditional
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Satya Meditation?

Satya Meditation is a remarkable breakthrough in spiritual growth. It’s a complete system for relieving emotional suffering, Self Realization and Enlightenment. It’s designed to safely move Kundalini energy up the spine and create a direct spiritual connection to our Creator.

Years of practice are not needed to master this technique. Spiritual awakening can be seen in a short time. The technique works to open the seven primary chakra energy centers in the body. Then, it clears out any (and all) spiritual, emotional and energetic blockages that prevent Kundalini from rising safely up the spine.

Once the chakras are open and the blockages have been removed, this creates a clear channel for the Kundalini to rise.

When the Kundalini rises from the Root to the Crown chakra, a direct connection with our Creator is made. This connection is Self Realization. It is, in fact, Enlightenment.

Is Satya Meditation A Shortcut To Spiritual Awakening?

An over-active mind wastes an enormous amounts of energy. The goal of traditional meditation is to silence the mind. Why? Because when the mind is still, the energy that’s saved goes back into the body.

In time, as this energy builds up in the body, it awakens Kundalini. When Kundalini awakens, it rises up, opens the chakras and clears out any energy blockages on its path to the Crown chakra (i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven).

The challenge for most meditators is this: making the mind silent is a difficult and frustrating task. It can take years, decades, and often an entire lifetime of practice. Even then, Enlightenment may not happen.

Satya Meditation takes a radically different approach to traditional meditation. Instead of trying to silence the mind first, to activate Kundalini second, it works in reverse.

Satya Meditation activates Kundalini first. Why? Because when Kundalini rises from the Root to the Crown chakra, a direct connection to our Creator is made.

When this connection exists, the mind is silenced. When the mind is silenced, the connection that’s made becomes permanent

This is why Satya Meditation is a shortcut to Spiritual Awakening.

It’s also why so many Satya meditators enjoy such profound experiences so quickly. What may take a lifetime with regular meditation, may take just a short time with the Satya Technique.   

How Does Satya Meditation Relieve Emotional Suffering?

When we are disconnected from our Creator, we suffer emotionally. We feel depressed, stressed, angry, anxious, lonely, suicidal, etc. These are all symptoms of a lack of unconditional love.

We try to fill this void with alcohol, drugs, relationships, gambling, work, etc. But these things never work because nothing can replace the love we get from having a direct connection to our Creator. 

The Satya Meditation Technique gives us back that connection.

As a result, we begin to feel the love we’ve craved our entire lives for. The type of love that heals all wounds. Relieves all pain. Ends all suffering.

This, in turn, fills our hearts with unconditional love. With our Creator’s love pulsating throughout our body, the hurt we feel inside disappears and our fullest potential is realized.

How long is the video training?

The video training is short. There are just 3 short videos to watch. There is no lengthy learning curve needed before you can start using the Satya Technique.

What’s more, as you’ll discover, it’s a joy to listen to VillyMa’s soothing, loving voice. Many people say VillyMa’s voice fills their heart with feelings of calm and relaxation.

So you’ll very much enjoy the process of watching this training.

Is is safe to awaken kundalini?

Yes, absolutely. But only when guided by a Guru who has fully awakened his/her own kundalini. Because only a kundalini awakened Guru is qualified to safely awaken kundalini inside you.

The problem is, it’s hard to find such a guru. Only a handful exist in the world right now. Plus, it’s almost impossible to find out who they are and receive guidance from them.

That’s why investing in the Satya Meditation Technique today is such an exciting opportunity. This technique was developed by VillyMa — a kundalini enlightened guru from Mumbai, India.

VillyMa has safely guided hundreds of people through their journey to kundalini awakening.

Backed By our Unconditional
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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