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“New Book Reveals A Remarkable New Meditation Technique From An Enlightened Guru In India That Creates A Direct Connection To God Without Taking Years To Master”

Plus, how to unblock chakras (step-by-step), relieve emotional pain and suffering and get rid of addictive behaviors

What’s In This Book?


The Modern Technique For Enlightenment that triggers spiritual awakening and a direct connection to God


How To Unblock Each Chakra (Step-By-Step) to quickly end emotional pain and suffering


The Exact Daily Routine Needed to get rid of addictive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)


The Ultimate Mantra For Silencing The Mind so you can finally meditate in a state of thoughtless awareness


How To Safely Awaken Kundalini and enjoy feelings of bliss, peace, connectedness and unconditional love


Plus, so much more…

About VillyMa

VillyMa is an Enlightened spiritual Guru from Mumbai, India. Many of her disciples consider her Love Incarnate. VillyMa has been in direct communication with God since childhood. It’s from God that VillyMa was given Satya Meditation — a modern technique designed to bring about freedom from suffering, Self Realization and Enlightenment in those who use it. VillyMa has also been a guest speaker and lecturer at Google Tech, Nokia Headquarters in Dubai, and the University of Connecticut in America. She is also the author of The Modern Technique for Enlightenment.

What Is Satya Meditation?

Satya Meditation is a remarkable breakthrough in spiritual growth. It’s a complete technique for Self Realization and Enlightenment. It’s designed to safely move Kundalini energy up the spine and create a direct spiritual connection to God. 

Years of practice are not needed to master this technique. Spiritual awakening can be seen in a short time. The technique works to open the seven primary chakra energy centers in the body. Then, it clears out any (and all) spiritual, emotional and energetic blockages that prevent the Kundalini from rising safely up the spine.

Once the chakras are open and the blockages have been removed, this creates a clear channel for the Kundalini to rise. When the Kundalini rises from the Root to the Crown chakra, a direct connection with God is made. This connection is Self Realization. It is, in fact, Enlightenment. 

Is Satya Meditation A Shortcut
To Spiritual Awakening?

An over-active mind wastes an enormous amounts of energy. The goal of traditional meditation is to silence the mind. Why? Because when the mind is still, the energy that’s saved goes back into the body. 

In time, as this energy builds up in the body, it awakens the Kundalini. When the Kundalini awakens, it rises up, opens the chakras and clears out any energy blockages on its path to the Crown chakra (i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven). 

The challenge for most meditators is this: making the mind silent is a difficult and frustrating task. It can take years, decades, and often an entire lifetime of practice. Even then, Enlightenment may not happen. 

Satya Meditation takes a radically different approach to traditional meditation. Instead of trying to silence the mind first, to activate the Kundalini second, it works in reverse. 

Picture: VillyMa’s Kundalini rising out through her Crown Chakra (i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven).

Satya Meditation activates the Kundalini first. Why? Because when the Kundalini rises from the Root to the Crown chakra, a direct connection to God is made. When this connection exists, the mind is silenced. When the mind is silenced, the connection that’s made becomes permanent.  

This is why Satya Meditation is a shortcut to Spiritual Awakening. It’s also why so many Satya meditators enjoy such profound experiences so quickly. What may take a lifetime with regular meditation, may take just a short time with the Satya technique.

How Does Satya Meditation Relieve Emotional Suffering?

When we are disconnected from God, we suffer emotionally. We feel depressed, stressed, angry, anxious, lonely, suicidal, etc. These are all symptoms of a lack of unconditional love.

We try to fill this void with alcohol, drugs, relationships, gambling, work, etc. But these things never work because nothing can replace the love we get from having a direct connection to God.  

The Satya Meditation Technique gives us back that connection. As a result, we begin to feel the love we’ve craved our entire lives for. The type of love that heals all wounds. Relieves all pain. Ends all suffering.

In short, Satya Meditation gives us a direct connection to God. Which, in turn, fills our hearts with unconditional love. With God’s love pulsating throughout our body, the hurt we feel inside disappears and our fullest potential is realized.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1: What Is Enlightenment?

Chapter 2:  Who Is VillyMa?

Chapter 3:  Why Is This Technique Being Shared?

Chapter 4: Why Most Meditators Fail To Achieve Enlightenment

Chapter 5: Introduction to Satya Meditation

Chapter 6: Why Is It A Shortcut?

Chapter 7: Kundalini: Your Connection To God

Chapter 8: The 7 Chakra Energy Centers

Chapter 9: The Satya Mantra For Silencing The Mind

Chapter 10: How To Trigger An Instant Awakening

Chapter 11: The Left Channel Technique

Chapter 12: The Right Channel Technique

Chapter 13: The Center Channel Technique

Chapter 14: Your Daily Satya Meditation Routine

Chapter 15: Tips For Deeper States of Bliss And Joy

Chapter 16: Where To Go From Here

“It’s time to realize the truth about who you are”


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Why Only $1? What’s The Catch?

There is absolutely no catch whatsoever. 

Simply put, VillyMa is a passionate believer that the Satya Meditation Technique should be given away for free. 

However, we live in a world where it costs money to advertise and share this spiritual breakthrough with millions of people. 

So VillyMa has agreed to sell this book under the following condition. 

The book must be sold for the lowest possible cost. It must be so affordable that every person who wants to become enlightened can get it.

VillyMa believes it’s every person’s right (and ultimate purpose) to achieve Enlightenment and Self Realization. 

That’s why The Modern Technique For Enlightenment costs just $1. 

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All Profits Go To Charity

The Light of Light Trust is an organization with a mission to break the cycle of poverty in rural communities throughout India. 

The trust was setup by VillyMa in 2005. 

Since then, 93 centers have been established. Over 1,497 villages have been reached. Plus, more than 398,329 lives have been transformed.

The Trust has won global awards for its work including the NGO Leadership & Excellence Award by the World Federation of CSR Professionals.

When you buy The Modern Technique For Enlightenment now, or any of the accompanying products or services, 100% of any (and all) profits made go to the Light of Light Trust. 

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The Satya Meditation Technique revealed inside The Modern Technique For Enlightenment has spiritually awakened the lives of thousands of people already. So when you order the digital download version now, not only will you get instant access to the book… but… your purchase comes with a 100% iron-clad money back guaranteeThe Modern Technique For Enlightenment must live up to, and exceed, your every expectation. It must be the most actionable (and fascinating) step-by-step book you ever read on how to become Enlightened and achieve Self Realization. If not (which is highly unlikely) simply contact our support anytime within the next 365 days and you’ll receive a full, and prompt, refund. No questions asked.

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