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I’ve been in publishing, one way or another, for almost 40 years, including being a publisher myself (six authors’ books in print). I can say without hesitation that I have NEVER seen anything as easy or powerful as this.

I know this from personal experience, because my book hit #3 on the Amazon paid best seller list within 24 hours of being published. This blew my expectations totally out of the water! I highly recommend this service for anyone who is serious about having a best-selling book (which, not incidentally, is the numero uno credential you can have, period).

David Garfinkel
#1 Bestselling Author
Breakthrough Copywriting

Within 3 days my kindle e-book ranked #1 within categories and maintained this rock-star position for almost 3 weeks (now, a month later – the rankings still hold strong).

Travis made the process easy, worked quickly, and guaranteed my results, making it easy for me to write this recommendation.

Charles Gaudet
#1 Bestselling Author
The Predictable Profits Playbook

I recently worked with Travis and his “make your book a bestseller” marketing service. I have to be honest… I was a little skeptical.

But lo and behold, in only a matter of days, I was a best selling author! If you get the opportunity to work with Travis, I highly recommend it. I highly endorse his book marketing service.

Doberman Dan
#1 Bestselling Author
Just Sell The Damn Thing™

Just for the record…

I did a marketing experiment with Travis last year and was pleasently surprised that he took a book I listed on Amazon to best seller status in a very short time frame! (I think it was just a few weeks, if not days.)

Dr. Glenn Livingston
#1 Bestselling Author

I have sold millions of copies of my books digitally online.

When I finally decided to release my first physical book, Travis Cody was instrumental in helping me to get it published and in getting it to #1 on Amazon. If you want your own bestselling book, follow his method and you will see results.

Jon Benson
#1 Bestselling Author
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I always knew that I had a book inside me. However, as a successful business owner, the idea of actually sitting down and writing one was overwhelming…

If not outright terrifying! When I hired Travis Cody, I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical that he could actually do what he promised. In the end, he radically overdelivered on everything he said he would do. He helped me to create my first book in an abbreviated time frame I didn’t think was possible. He held my hand every step of the way – from initial consultation, to writing, editors, interior and cover design, to final publication.

And finally… the marketing promotion. Ahhh, the marketing. Although Travis doesn’t guarantee a particular spot on the bestseller list, only that you’ll actually BE on the list… my book “How To Be Hollywood Beautiful Without The Hollywood Price” reached #1.

I can’t tell you the power that comes from saying you are a bestselling author. It truly does open doors and set you apart from others who are doing something similar. Additionally, it’s pretty amazing to say that you are a best-selling author.

Makayla Leone
#1 Bestselling Author
Unlock Your Genius: 7 Keys To Create Your Ideal Life

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