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Meet the Internet Genius.

Owner of Internet Genius Consulting, Founded in 2006
Launched Over 572 Websites
More Than 15 Years Experience as a Web Developer
Former Teacher and Multimedia Lab Instructor
WordPress Expert and Internet Marketing Consultant
Disney Cruise Addict
When it comes to creating and bringing to life the many websites, blogs, graphics, ads, etc. in my business, there’s just no one else I’d rather turn to. Ben always delivers exceptional results that impress me, my colleagues and my customers. I just can’t recommend him highly enough. Frankly I feel lucky I found him, and I always enjoy every experience we have working together.
JP Moses

President, Awesome REI, LLC

I was introduced to Ben via a WordPress webinar training session, and was very impressed with his knowledge, ability to listen to the needs of others, his thoughtful & dedicated helpfulness, and also his availability for troubleshooting via phone and email, beyond the webinars. If I were to put recommendations in terms of food products and nutrition, Ben would definitely be given an “ORGANIC” label. He just has that kind of integrity and gift that is good for growing your business and website.
Mara Hawks

Curriculum Developer / Executive Editor, Globe Star, LLC & The Quality of Life Institute, Inc.

Ben has become one of the greatest assets in my business. Ben is an exceptional graphic designer and web developer. He goes well above and beyond the call of duty to take exceptional care of my clients and me and make sure we’re happy. I am consistently pleased with the results when we collaborate on projects. I’m so glad I found him!
Susan Baroncini-Moe, M.A.

CEO & Executive Coach, The Bounceback Artist

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